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Dignity/New York Witness at the Cathedral
Witness at the Cathedral
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Dignity/New York celebrates Pride
Dignity/New York Cathedral Witness
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Dignity/New York Cathedral Witness

Welcome To Dignity

The New York Home for LGBTQI Catholics since 1972


… Where we can celebrate fully as we are!


“Be Yourself!  Everyone Else is Already Taken”  - Oscar Wilde

Wecome to our newly designed website.

We are excited that we have a new website design!  

We hope this change gives a more modern look and makes finding information easy and efficient.  This webpage is designed to be used easily on mobile, tablets and computers.

We know that our website already attracts new members and helps the current members stay informed.  We hope that this new design will be even more beneficial to our LGBTQI community. 

Thanks for your visit to our newly designed website!


Patricia Russell