Make your voice heard

On September 21st, 310,000 people took to the streets of New York City to call for climate action -- the largest climate march in history.  We were joined by hundreds of thousands of others around the world at over 2646 events in 156 countries. 

On Tuesday, the world’s politicians will gather at the United Nations to talk about climate action -- 125 heads of state in total. They’ll be gathering with the knowledge that more people than ever are demanding action, not just words, and that their political future is on the line -- as well as the future of the planet.

The organizers of the People's Climate March will bring that message to the top leadership of the UN inside Tuesday’s summit, with a hand-delivered message to top UN climate negotiators.

If you stand with the hundreds of thousands of people who marched today around the world, tell world leaders that you mean business:

Today people from the communities where fossil fuels are dug up marched alongside people who live where they are burned. Thousands of workers, the people who stand ready to build a clean, renewable energy system, walked alongside indigenous communities that are already leading with their own climate solutions. New Yorkers, including those whose homes were wrecked by Superstorm Sandy, marched in huge numbers, standing alongside international ambassadors from communities responding to climate disasters worldwide.

Organizing a big march is like throwing a rock in a pond: the splash is exciting, but the real beauty is in the ripples. And the ripples of the People’s Climate Mobilization are already spreading. A people’s summit outlining the path to a just transition away from fossil fuels starts tomorrow, along with actions targeting corporate polluters in New York.

With your help those ripples can spread further, and strengthen -- and on Tuesday, hopefully help rock world leaders into action, where they have only offered words before.


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