Synod of Bishops "RPD" (Interim Report) comments

Submitted by ABBAKUS on Thu, 10/16/2014 - 13:56


Well it looks like we have our first controversy with the Synod of Bishops.  On Oct 13 they issued an Interim Report - called "Relatio post Disceptationem" {RPD}.  In this report they seemed to offer an interesting "positive" approach to "homosexuality" and "gay unions".  Since that report was originally released a number of bishops (American and African) objected to this "positive" approach.  And so now the RPD has been issued in its English version with a toned down "feeling" - from a section entitled "Welcoming homeosxual persons" to a new title "Providing for homosexual persons" - with subtle word changes in this section [Paragraphs 50 to 52 of the Report]  The original document as issued can be found on the NCR website; the new version can be found on the Official Vatican website.

Three comments;

First, it's interesting that it is the American and African Bishops have alligned with each other and want a "less favorable" approach to issues involving the LGBT community.  While it is understandable for the African Bishops - they are coming from countries where you can be executed for being gay - and so there is no social, political or even legal acceptance or support to homosexuality in these countries;  it is fascinating that the other group advocating a "less favorable" approach would be the Americans (not the Asian, South American, or Euorpean Bishops) - where it is clearly evident that ... what - 58% to 65% of Americans ... dpeending on your survey source ... have no problem with redifining marriage between persons of the same sex.  The American Bishops are really showing their true HOMOPHOBIC colors.  I think we should stard calling our bishops simply "HOMOPHOBES' rather than BISHOPS.

Second, even in the original document there is this kind of naive attitude that if we accept homosexuals (or divorced or people in other situations) into the church with open arms, then over time they will "grow in appreciation" of the truer doctrinal approach to these questions and change and accept them - in the case of homosexuality, that it is inheritanly evil and intrinsicially immoral (or whatevever the actual phrase is).  Yah - right away.  It demonstrates how the bishops in general simply do not understand the psychology of same sex attraction identities - but then how could they; they are not trained in understanding human psychology - just dogmatic statements.  They are clinging to some outdate notion that homosexuality is a choice, not an internal constituent part of the person involed.  Rather, what they should be saying is that "if you are gay (male or female) and you fail to live out a gay life, or try to deny your identity - THEN you are being sinful and immoral"' .... what they should be saying is that "if you are gay (male or female) and you DO live out your life as a gay person, then you are being HOLY, that is WHOLE.

Third, as I listened to some of the Bishops being interviewed on TV and saw them in this kind of panic mode - the Church is not changing it's doctrine, just it's pastoral approach - Yah, right!  ANY concession to the gay style of life is in fact a change in the doctrine.  That you cannot get away from, no matter how many times you SAY that it is not.  And I believe this is what is really irking the American Bishops.  They don't want to have to recognize that the doctrine is changing - because then maybe it can change elsewhere.

One last comment.  If you go to you will find a series of American responses to the RPD.  There were three sub-cmmittees set up by the American Bishops - Groups A, B and C - and Zenit has published their comments.  Again, it makes for interesting reading.

So now we will wait and see how things develop.