Midterm Report from Synod on the Family

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Midterm Report from Synod on the Family

Oct 14 2014

The entire translated report announcing next year's synod is found on our Education page.  There is also an article from Vatican Radio available. 





inted out all 74 pages--will comment when I digest. Good media coverage of yesterdays discussion document. I see it more of the vatican finally catching up to the sensum fidei---in the majority of parishes in this country, and , I suspect Europe, GLBT persons are treated with respect and valued--at least that has been my experience. The exceptions are increaingly making the news (Montana) precisely because they go against that respect--and thus we have a news story and a scandal. Maybe now that the Vatican has officially voiced that respect so evident in the faithful, we can perhaps hear it voiced from the pulpit more often without fear of consequence.