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Oct 6 2014

For those of you who are interested in what is going on at the Synod of Bishops in Rome, they will be meeting for the next two weeks.  They are posting Daily Press Releases on what is being said, officially at least.  You can find these press releases at the Vatican Website.  Simply go to Vaticyan and look for the tag - Press Release.  Some of are in English, some in Latin, some in Italian.  But it looks like the major press releases will be in English.

Some Background to the Synod of Bishops

Sep 30 2014

Good day folks

As we approach the Synod of Bishops I thought it might be good to take a "look back" at the prior Synods and what they are all about.  As we hear about this synod, I will try to offer comments about what is being said.  Hopefully, this will keep us up on what it taking place.


Aug 1 2014

Some opening thoughts on our new blog.


Jul 13 2014

In the sermon as published I mentioned that the second Regular Synod of Bishops would be in 2016 ... which is a mistake; the second Regular Synod will be next fall in 2015.  Sorry for the mis-date. 


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