“Recalling Our Roots”, DignityUSA's preparations for our Jubilee 50th anniversary in 2019

Sunday, November 5, 4:00 to 5:30 PM at St. John’s in the Village

“Recalling Our Roots” discussion followed by sandwiches and other refreshments before liturgy
As part of DignityUSA's preparations for our Jubilee 50th anniversary in 2019, the national Board has invited chapters and communities to reflect on our history and help them to discern how the Spirit may be calling DignityUSA to serve in the future.
For the first of these reflections, we have invited some of our earliest members to participate in a panel discussion that all members of our community are encouraged to attend.
The DignityUSA Board has suggested four questions to focus the discussion:
1.  What was the initial need that DignityUSA was organized to meet and that drove our rapid growth from a local community in Los Angeles to a national network of chapters?  What "fueled our engine"?
2.  How did the mission of Dignity evolve over time?  What drove those changes in how we did our work?  Consider dynamics in the organization, the Church, and in society. In what ways might our community have contributed to this evolution?
3.  The theme of our 50th Anniversary Conference is "True to the Spirit, True to Ourselves."  In what ways has "being true to ourselves and being true to the calling of the Spirit" been evident in our local and national history?
4.  Locally and nationally, how has Dignity changed lives for the better?  Changed the Catholic community?  Impacted the LGBTQI social justice movement?
Join us to hear some of the remarkable stories of our beginnings and offer your own reflections as we look toward our future!