Dignity/New York Event Form

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Please submit this form to the Steering Committee one month prior to event. 

General Information
The chairperson is the person responsible for this event.
Requests for this fiscal year.
Include total amount of time needed for setup and cleanup.
Include total amount of time needed for setup and cleanup.
If this is a recurring event, please list specific dates. Example: 11/11/16, 11/8/16, 12/13/16, 1/10/17 etc.
Example: Center
Advertising and Financial
A CTA (call-to-action) with supporting contact information – Say exactly why people should attend this Dignity event and what it will do for them. The field below has the option to upload a document or photo. (If no advertisement is required write "None")
What funding is needed for this event? (If no funding is required write "None")
List any other budgeted items and projected expense.
Other needs
Multiple items can be selected.
The steering committee will receive your request and review it at our next meeting, the 2nd Tuesday of the month. You are welcome to attend.
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