"Doing Thyme"

Once again, Dignity/New York has been invited to help with this year's Thanksgiving preparation 
A sign up sheet will be available to coordinate your group of friends  "Doing Thyme" on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday or Clean Up on Friday.  ​
Speak to Nick or Mary Jane or Email Thanksgiving@DignityNY.org and we'll help you get in touch with others who will attend this event and send you more information. 
Dear Dignity Brothers and Sisters,
​​You are warmly welcome to join me in the kitchen on Monday-Tuesday-Wednesday, and on the street on Thursday. 
Real die-hards can come back on Friday to help me clean up. 
We never have too many hands for herbs, and we never have too many Dignity friends for clean up!  
My love to all of you.  Thank you for your big, generous hearts. 
See you at the Street Corner Gourmet.
Mary Lanning