Father Gary 5 years ago

5 Years Ago....


Five years ago, on the eve of my 15th year anniversary to the priesthood, I announced on social media the release of the 2nd edition to my book “Hidden Voices, Reflections of a Gay Catholic Priest.” The response to my announcement and book was overwhelming. 




In the past five years, I received hundreds and hundreds of correspondences from people all around the world – all in support of my book.  In addition, I received dozens and dozens of requests to be interviewed for magazines, television, social media and radio.  My story was picked up internationally and I granted interviews in London, Italy, Canada, Argentina, and even Russia to name a few.  There is no way I could have prepared for or predicted, the overwhelming response I received. 


The question I often get asked today is, “Was it worth it?”  The answer – YES!  I have said repeatedly over the years that there have been two major moments of clarity in my life.  The first, was the decision to become a priest.  I have never regretted that decisions and believe wholeheartedly that God has called me to the priesthood.  The second, was my decision to come out – publicly, and to speak my truth.  Far too many teenagers contemplate and commit suicide because they are struggling with their sexual identity.  One of the biggest obstacle to LGBT acceptance in our society today is religion.  So – YES!  It has been worth it. 


Today, I live and work as a psychotherapist in NYC while promoting the dignity and equality of all people regardless of who they love.  Furthermore, I have joined a Catholic Community, Dignity/New York, who like myself, is committed to LGBTQI equality.