Trinity Place Shelter Fundraiser

Trinity Place Shelter is a homeless shelter for LGBTQ youth located in NYC.  The residents of this shelter have been abandoned by their families. They are “our youth”.  Trinity Lutheran Church has created a safe space to live for these LGBTQ young adults.  

All the hard work of the staff and the youth being served is only part of the solution.  When asked what can Dignity/New York do to help, the Shelter said, “We need funding for shoes!”  They explained that, “When a young person goes to a job or to school, they need shoes!”  Donations from generous individuals like you have allow them to purchase new shoes, boots and sneakers when needed.

Over the past few years, Dignity/New York members and friends have donated over $3,000 to assist the Shelter in providing services for “our youth” who are served by this wonderful community. 

This year our generous members and friends have already collected $2,000 in donations for this worthwhile and needy cause.  The donation you make to help our youth transition from the Trinity Place Shelter to independent living will help them to live lives that are full, caring and successful.

If you have not yet had a change to donate you still have an opportunity to help.  Please make your check out to Dignity/New York memo line “Trinity Place Shelter” and return to Dignity/New York, PO Box 1554, New York, NY 10150.  No donation is to small and no donation is too large.