Dignity/New York Nominations, Candidates Forum and Elections

Nominations are open. There are five open slots on the Steering Committee. Dignity/New York members can sign a candidates’ petitions or nominate themselves (link is in the announcements at the end of Sunday Worship Aid). Nominations are open until 7 PM on Thursday, September 16, 2021. Candidates must receive the support of ten currently enrolled members of the chapter to stand for election.

Terms of Larry Caputo, James Osbourn, and Jeff Stone will expire on October 31, 2021. Terms of the five elected last year (Chris Alberti, Andrew Jones, Daniel Larkin, Tom McLoughtlin and Lewis Speaks-Tanner) will continue for one more year. However, Andrew's term will end on October 31. 2021 since he is unable to continue due to work responsibilities.

Candidates Forum
The Candidates Forum will be on Zoom on Thursday, September 16, 2021 at 7:30 pm. Email dignitynewyork@gmail.com for the Zoom link or see the end of the Sunday Worship Aid.

Electronic Ballots will be sent out shortly after the Candidates Forum. All persons who are enrolled as members of Dignity/New York upon the night elections conclude may vote. Persons who are not carried as current members on the most recent DignityUSA roster may join, renew or be reinstated as members on or before Sunday, September 26 and vote. If your membership has expired within the last three months, you will be entitled to vote during the chapter’s customary grace period.

We will be using Election Buddy this year. We encourage all members to vote electronically. Anyone having questions about their ballot should email elections@dignityny.org. Dignity/New York is the address that the ballots will be sent from.

Requests for Paper Mail-In Ballots must be received by the Elections Committee not later than Friday, September 17, 2021(Elections@DignityNY.org with subject line "Mail-In Ballot" or phone Gary Spokes). Mail-In Ballots must be postmarked by Saturday, September 25, and received not later than midnight on Friday, October 1, 2021.

The Elections Committee consists of Gary Spokes, Ed Fitzgerald, and Ben Speaks-Tanner.