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… Where we can celebrate fully as we are!


“Be Yourself!  Everyone Else is Already Taken”  - Oscar Wilde

Ash Wednesday Service on Zoom February 22, 2023 7:30 pm

May your Lenten season be prayerful.

Join us via Zoom for our annual Ash Wednesday Service. If you are not able to join us, and wish to participate, try to follow the service but at minimum, read the Gospel and Blessing and Distribution of Ashes. If you do not have ashes available, make the same gesture on forehead slowly while saying, "Come to Jesus with all your heart. Be faithful to the Gospel."

You can find the worship aid attached.

Epiphany Chalk and Home Blessing 2023

Prayer for Blessing Chalk:
Jesus, through your Incarnation and birth in true human form, you have made all the earthy holy. We now ask your blessing upon this simple gift of your creation – chalk. We use it as a tool to teach our children, and they use it as a tool in their play and games. Now, with your blessing, may it become a tool for us to mark the doors of our home with the symbols of your wise servants who, so long ago, came to worship and adore you in your first home. Amen.