Come To The Table

Welcome to Come to the Table: Catholic Worship for All. We are drawn now into community where we believe that Jesus is present in the "breaking of the bread" — where no one is outcast and no one is without value and no one is excluded from the feast. God is found in the ordinary and every day. 

Join us for our celebration of the Eucharist as we rejoice in our lives as proud Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer and Intersex persons and our friends. 

Every third Sunday of the month at 10:30 AM, Come to The Table: Catholic Worship for All,  To receive the meeting id, email

Ritual and prayer are not meant to be present on our lives as obligation, as diversion, as education or as entertainment. They are not there as a nearly magic way to salvation. Rather, they are there because we need them, because without them we could not be ourselves, could not be the church. The liturgy is the various rituals of the assembled church. It is the deed of the assembled church. It is what we who are baptized need to do: the songs we need to sing. the words we need to hear, the gestures we need to make. Need because without them we cannot give our lives their gospel shape. In liturgy, we are what we mean to be. The immersion in baptism's waters is the death we die to evil all our lives, is new life we have in Christ. Bread broken and the cup poured out at the Eucharist are the sacrifice and sharing we are to be for the world. --Gabe HuckLiturgy with Style and Grace

Come To The Table:  Catholic Worship for All is a liturgy celebrated in your HouseChurch community.  Our liturgy focuses on the experiences of our community and is meant to draw people into a reflective place where everyone is welcome.  

Come To The Table:  Catholic Worship for All

Third Sunday of the month

The LGBT Center is closed, please join us via zoom.

To receive the meeting id, email

Everyone Is Welcome at the Table.