Return to St. John's - Reserve Your Seat

Dear friends and members,
You should have received an email last Sunday providing details about our return to St. John’s on June 20. If not, you can find it on the home page of the Dignity/New York website (

As promised, here is further information about reserving your seat. This is necessary because by regulation of St. John’s and the Episcopal Diocese of New York, capacity in the church is currently limited to 40 people in the pews.

There are 20 designed spots throughout the church, socially distanced from one another. They may be occupied by either one or two people.

There are three options for seating:
1. Sitting by yourself.
2. Sitting with one other person of your choice. (Please include name of this person.)
3. Reserving as a single person, but being willing to sit with another person from the congregation if necessary in order to maximize seating capacity.

Please send an email to with the date of the liturgy you are reserving for in the subject line. The first available date is June 20. For now, we can accept reservations only for one week at a time, starting on the Monday prior to the liturgy in question. Reservations for June 20 will open on Monday, June 14.

There is a limited overflow capacity of 8 seats in the common room, which we will use if necessary. Walk-ins will be permitted if space is available, but they will need to provide contact information in the event contact tracing is necessary. Reserved seats will be held until 6:35 PM, but will then be given to walk-ins if there are any.

We all look forward to the time when capacity and seating restrictions are no longer necessary, but for the time being these are the regulations we must follow.

Thanks for your cooperation, and we look forward to seeing you back at St. John’s.

The Steering Committee of Dignity/New York
Chris Alberti, Larry Caputo, Andrew Jones, Danny Larkin, Tom McLoughlin, James Osbourn, Lewis Speaks-Tanner, and Jeff Stone