2022 Elections Notice and Petition of Nomination

[This is a modified notice.  Dignity/New York members will receive a letter indicating that they are a member with their expiration date or if they have lapsed within the last 3 months when their membership expired.  If you do not receive the letter in the mail, you may not be a Dignity/New York member; please join or renew your membership.  If you have questions  about your membership, please email Elections@dignityny.org   To start petitioning or sign nomination petition, go to the comment below for the Petition of Nomination If you cannot open the Petition of Nomination, email elections@dignityny.org.

The members of Dignity/NY are invited to participate in the annual election of the Steering Committee of Dignity/NY, the governing body of Dignity/NY, pursuant to the bylaws of this Chapter and vote for candidates standing for election to the Steering Committee.

NOMINATING PETITIONS for prospective candidates will be available online from Sunday, August 21, 2022 until Thursday, September 15, 2022. Nominating petitions will be completed electronically. An email will be sent to all members of record with a link to a Google Document containing the nominating petitions.
Under 7.2 of our bylaws, up to five (5) people are up for election in years that end in an odd number and up to four (4) people will be elected in even numbers years. People are elected for two-year terms.

The terms of four current Steering Committee members (Chris Alberti, Danny Larkin, Tom McLoughlin and Lewis Speaks-Tanner) will expire on October 31, 2022 while the terms of two elected last year (James Osbourn and Jeff Stone) will continue for one more year.

Under 4.1, our bylaws envision a Steering Committee of nine (9) people, although that is not a requirement. However, there must be a minimum of five (5) members. Therefore, up to seven (7) people may be elected to serve on the Steering Committee this year, four (4) for two-year terms that will expire on October 31, 2024 and three (3) for one-year terms that will expire on October 31, 2023. If necessary, determination of two-year terms and one-year terms will be decided according to the number of votes received by each candidate.

Under 8.5 of our bylaws, any person who has been a member of Dignity/NY or Dignity USA for one year within the month of election and who has not been removed from any position within the organization for cause may stand as a candidate for the Steering Committee upon submission of a valid Petition of Nomination. The Elections Committee shall accept as valid any Petition of Nomination signed by ten (10) members in good standing so long it has been received before commencement of the Candidates Forum.

All people who are enrolled as members of Dignity/NY upon the night elections conclude may vote.  Persons who are not carried as current members on the most recent Dignity USA roster may join, renew or be reinstated as members on or before Sunday, September 25 and may vote. If you feel your membership has lapsed or have any questions about membership, you should email Elections@dignityny.org.


THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 15 @ 7PM– A CANDIDATES FORUM will be conducted online via ZOOM. People who wish to offer themselves for election will have an opportunity to present their programs and or/respond to question from their peers and members of our online congregation. (8.7) Candidates may also post written statements on our website. Election Buddy (a simple online app very much like Survey Monkey) will be sent out ASAP after the Forum to all members of record. If you can vote electronically via Election Buddy, you are requested to do so for ease of counting votes. Anyone with questions about their ballot should email Elections@dignityny.org.

REQUESTS FOR PAPER MAIL-IN BALLOTS must be received by the Elections Committee no later than FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 16, 2022. This request must be done either online at Elections@dignityny.org (please type “MAIL-IN BALLOT” in the subject line) or phone Ben Speaks-Tanner at 703-864-1724.  Mail-In Ballots must be postmarked by Saturday, September 24, 2022 and received no later than midnight Friday, September 30, 2022.  Please mail them back as soon as possible after receiving them.

SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 25: ELECTIONS CONCLUDE Currently enrolled members of Dignity/NY must vote either online before 11PM on SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 25, 2022 or by Mail-In Ballot as described above. (8.2)